BlackBlock Press is an archive of illustrations, sculptures and prints.

The name BlackBlock Press has no reference to armed groups dressed in black, but is inspired by the ‘Block’ as a block of carved and inked wood, used in ancient times as a print matrix.

BlackBlock Press is a small archive that will grow a little by little, created for my personal need to collect all my wood sculptures, linoleum carvings, hand-made prints and digital illustrations. It is a place where I can publish things that I imagine, that I create and that in the working reality they would never see the light.

All the works collected in BlackBlock Press take inspiration from the world of old school tattoos, from popular and religious iconography, esotericism and street culture.

BlackBlock Press is a project made by Francesco Paternoster and is always open for collaborations with artists, designers, makers, printers…

If you want to buy one or more piece, have a collaboration, publish my works, write at: hello.blackblockpress@gmail.com